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Server CRASH!

Saturday 26 December.
 After a few rounds server crash because a bug, in order to fix this you must perform a changelevel and the server will download a fixed version ( or you can also download and install the new serve rversion.  regards..
Server CRASH!

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sXe Injected 15.6 Released!

Tuesday 22 December.
(+) Add: GlobalBan new detections (+) Add: GlobalBan faster detections (!) Fix: GTProtector error fixes (!) Fix: Globalban bugs ..
sXe Injected 15.6 Released!

UnBAN Available!

Tuesday 2 September.
To know more about UnBAN click on "UnBAN" button on your HID profile. ..
UnBAN Available!

sXe Injected 15.2 Fix 4 Released!

Thursday 14 August.
(+) Add: cheats blocked (+) Add: new Globalban detections (!) Fix: FPS drops, game freezes (!) Fix: Counter Strike 1.5 crash (!) Fix: Game closes after a while ..
sXe Injected 15.2 Fix 4 Released!

GlobalBan duration increased

Tuesday 13 May.
From today the GlobalBan duration is increased to 288 hours for the first detection, 576 for the second, 1152 for the third and so. We understand that everyone knows GlobalBan, so we have to be more strict with penalties. Please see:
GlobalBan duration increased
sXe Injected 15.6
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Linux Server
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